ECCIA supports industry call for strong action against counterfeiting

January 31 2017

One of the main priorities of the Juncker Commission is to restore growth, jobs and investment in the European Union. This objective has been widely shared by ECCIA.

As major drivers of the European economy, European high-end cultural and creative industries have grown by 28% and created over 200,000 jobs over the past three years.

However, their ability to continue to compete and invest in the European Union depends largely on the existence of a solid framework of intellectual property rights (IPR) in order to protect the results of their creativity and innovation, which are key pillars of our business model. 

Indeed, high-end cultural and creative industries are strongly affected by the recrudescence of counterfeiting, in particular because it damages their brands and puts our customers – who are increasingly tricked into unknowingly buying counterfeited products – at risk.

Today, counterfeiting continues its worrying growth, and its scope has now reached a critical threshold. As a consequence, the investments and innovative efforts made by these companies in the EU are threatened, at the expense of Europe’s competitiveness, growth, and consumers.

In this context, a group of 80 companies has come together to raise awareness amongst European decision makers of the dangers caused by the proliferation of counterfeiting and the need for an immediate and ambitious legislative response.

ECCIA strongly supports this initiative and calls on the European Commission to play a leading role on this issue by presenting an ambitious proposal to review the existing framework of IPR enforcement (so-called “IPRED”) to rebalance responsibilities by ensuring that that all actors along the value chain take proactive measures against the promotion, marketing and distribution of counterfeit products.