Fourth ECCIA Roundtable with Spanish Permanent Representative, Ambassador Alfonso Dastis Quecedo

February 24 2014

The ECCIA ambassadors’ roundtable is a unique opportunity to meet with key national representatives and EU officials to directly discuss issues that are of strategic importance for the European high-end cultural and creative industries.

This roundtable, hosted by Spanish Ambassador Alfonso Dastis Quecedo, is the fourth event of a series of bi-annual meetings. Previous hosts included France, Italy, and Germany.

The meeting gave the opportunity to discuss with Key EU officials some important issues like Intellectual Property, Product Safety and Market Surveillance, Trade and market Access and Tourism.

Participants, among others, were Jean-François Aguinaga (Head of Unit, Textiles, Fashion, Design and Creative Industries, DG Entreprise), Daniel Calleja Crespo (Director General, DG Entreprise), Diego Canga Fano (Head of Tajani Cabinet), Alexis Dutertre (Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Representation of France to the EU), Kerstin Jorna (Director, Intellectual Property, DG Market), Stefanno Sannino (Ambassador, Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU), Theodoros Sotiropoulos (Ambassador, Permanent Representation of Greece to the EU), Damien Levie (Head of Unit, USA & Canada, DG Trade).