ECCIA's new report revealing that over 75% of the European citizens recognise the importance of the high-end industry for the future of Europe's culture and economy

May 28 2013

The study on perceptions of the high-end cultural and creative industries, carried out by TNS Sofres and commissioned by ECCIA confirms the growing positive image of the high-end industry in two areas.

From one side the area of the European culture: European citizens increasingly perceive the high-end industry as an Ambassador of European values such as quality, trust, craftsmanship, creativity and excellence. Over 75% of respondents said that the industry is important for preserving expertise and creative professions, attracting visitors and ensuring the prestige and appeal of city centres. These factors undoubtedly contribute to strengthening Europe's global cultural influence.

From the other side the area of the European economy: the high-end sector is becoming more and more significant to the growth of the European economy in the eyes of citizens. Three quarters of respondents said the high-end industry is important for employment, growth and competitiveness.

The study confirms that the citizens' perception of the high-end Sector is in line with the current European Commission initiatives to support the industry.